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Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Ready or not

This count down has been going on for at least 8 months.  Its been overshadowed by the everyday things that do make up so much of life and hasn't always been at the forefront of our weekly pursuits.  But this trip has been in the works, on our minds and shared (as an idea) with everyone we know for quite some time.  Now there is only one calendar page left, just a few weekends and less than three weeks left.

We haven't really been planning the whole time.  Just moving toward May 21 knowing that we'll be traveling on our bikes for the summer.  We've gathered most of our gear and supplies, I taped up some long lists of things to do and things we need before we go.  I may have only checked off two things, but I think we're definitely ready.

Ready to see new places and be outside all day.  Ready to be done with 50-70 hours of work each week. Ready to be done with school.  Ready to move out of our cluttered room and crowded apartment.  Ready for summer.  Ready for ankles to heal, coughs to cease and to only be tired from riding a bike all day.  Ready to see the reality of this dream unfold.         

So, yeah, I'm ready for this adventure; even if I don't feel prepared. Everything else will fall into place.

P.S.  I know you are getting bored reading all these posts of anticipation, but we really are leaving, really soon, and we (or at least I) really will try to keep this blog updated so you can be part of the adventure, too.


Brita said...

Bored? Who's bored? Not me!

I will definitely be seeing you on the 15th, if not before. Hopefully you'll have a chance to see my new place before you leave, too - at least to stop by.

Padre Pete said...

How are you going across country? Any big plans for places to go? I'm excited to come along with you.

Anna Be said...

We're going via the northern tier route.
We won't be passing through Michigan, but we will at least be in that part of the country (mostly minnesota and then further south). Thanks for following along! I hope you and Angela are doing well!

Bryan said...

Here's another person doing the Northern Tier, starting today. He's going in the other direction and he's a cycling journalist... maybe you could bump into him halfway and get yourselves written up. :-)

Kaptain said...

Only a couple of days until you leave......woo hoo !!! remember No rain, No pain, No Maine !!
Will try to call again before you go.