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Friday, May 23, 2008

Anna is so beautiful

(Anna: what about the skyline of the city?  and the rest of the park which you can't see, but it was very green, and had really cool old rusty former gas works. Apparently you could see the house from sleepless in seattle, too, which carrie was very excited about. Anyway, we had a fun time!!!)


Jess said...

I think both the skyline AND Anna are beautiful! Have a great first day of cycling (and more)!
Love, the Archers and Kate!

kaptain kangaroo said...

CONGRATULATIONS...that is such awesome news !!

(and nice to see that Sunshine wore new Crocs for the special occassion !)

LoraLew said...

Yay! I'm glad that you guys took my recommendation and went to Gasworks -- isn't it such a cool park?! Sorry to see the dark, cloudy sky in the background though...well, it is Seattle after all!

Very excited to see that you're officially "on your way!"

Anonymous said...

Remember, Ray, Anna was mine first!!

tallulah said...

those orange shoes are hideous ray!

Anna Be said...

Don't worry Kathy, I still love you really a lot.