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Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Anna awoke this morning to find she had her first flat tire


jen said...

Anna and Ray Ray!
We miss you! We've been reading your chapters (you should write a book when the trip is complete) and love hearing all about the towns, roads, weather and the rambunctious small town dogs! Looks like you're doing great- keep on trekkin... take care of those knees... and keep on writing!
Love you,
Dani and Jen

Brita said...

Wow, she looks really happy about her flat tire! I hope there is a running tally of flats and other repairs.

I love these small-town stories, and hope you have some great small-town photos to match. Love you guys!

Anna Be said...

Luckily only one flat so far, haven't swallowed any bugs, eaten a number of snickers bars. Not sure what else we're counting yet. Its great to hear from all of you and I hope you are doing well, too! xo