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Thursday, June 19, 2008

The Geographic center of north america


Anonymous said...

hey guys i got the pictures and have them all on the computer but i am unsure how and where you want me to put the pics on the internet
on the blog as a comment?
also not sure how you want to make contact me in order to discus
maybe by commenting on your own blog?


Brita said...

Anna, Ray, help!

I just took my bike out for the first time in a month (terrible, I know) and it's kind of rusty. What should I do?

My plan is to ride twenty minutes a day, just around the neighborhood, before trying anything more ambitious.

This probably makes you laugh and laugh...

Hope you're having a great weekend!

Anna Be said...

Stu- Ray will email you sometime soon with instructions. We'll just send it to the house email. Then we can call you if you have any problems. Thanks for helping us. Then everyone can see pictures of our trip so far.

Brita- Sounds good. You could always take your bike to back bay for a tune up or any work that needs to be done. We should definitely go for a leisurely ride this fall.