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Sunday, June 15, 2008

North Dakota here we are!

We crossed into our fourth state today! We are now in central time. Its about 9.45 pm and the sun is just setting. We woke up early this morning to the sun, as well. The weather seems to be steadily improving and its supposed to be hot in a few days. We are still hoping dearly for headwinds (we've been quite lucky lately -- yesterday we went 90 miles in about 6 hours thanks to a good wind!). We're only about 20 miles into North Dakota so its not drastically different from Montana. I have noticed some oil drills? pumps? not sure what they are called but they are those big hammer like things. Its been pretty hilly, too. To get here we wnet up lots of long hills and then down and then up and then down. We are staying here tonight so we can get Ray's new phone tomorrow. Sadly the city park had no water or bathrooms, but happily we found a Super 8 motel with a pool and breakfast! We have continued to see Glen and Bobbie, the travelers we met earlier this week so we are all sharing the hotel room to save some money. Check out their travel blog for another perspective on this route. Williston seems like a city of sprawl -- we haven't found any sort of downtown away from all the big stores and parking lots, but we won't be here for long.

I guess I don't really have too much else to report in the past few days, though I do want to say a few words of appreciation for all the city parks we have stayed in lately. It has been so nice because so many of the little towns we pass through have well kept parks with picnic tables, little shelters, sometimes various playground equipment. These communities welcome people (often cyclists) to camp there. Its been so nice for us. Too bad more cities and towns don't have this available.

Its really interesting to see these different towns that we travel through, varying in size, layout, and amenities. I feel just as intrigued by what its like to live in North Dakota or Montana or wherever as I was curious about people's lives in Tanzania. The difference is not quite so drastic, but its still interesting.

Love from, Me.


Anonymous said...

hi, liked your last message. Did you swim at the pool-hotel?? the Saco has warmed up and I had a very early morning swim on Sat and a baby ride around the Bonnie Eagle bridges and then down to snells. They look busy. It WAS FUN BUT SO SHORT COMPARED TO EVEN YOUR EASIEST DAY. A THANKS FOR THE FATHERS DAY PHONE CALL. TAKE CARE OF EACH OTHER. THINKING OF YOU .TEAK SAYS HELLO> Love Dad

Allen said...

Yes, those are oil wells you see. You're in the middle of the Bakken Formation. You have a few million barrells of oil underneath your bicycles. Enjoy your trip.

Tony said...

Will you guys continue heading more or less due east, or do you have time to sidetrip south to the Badlands? I was just curious what your route would be.

Anonymous said...

Hi Anna and Ray,
We are really enjoying reading of your adventures. Can't believe our far you have already pedaled. Took your suggestion of looking at the blog of the other eastbound couple (Glenn and Bobbie). They had posted some really nice pictures of you two. Sounds as though the meals border on gourmet at times.

Wishing you sunny skies and a nice tailwind to push you easterly.

Pam and Ronnie

Caro said...

So nice to hear your adventures! Is there a new mailing address where we can all send things? I'd love to write another letter... -Carrie

Anonymous said...

Aire and I got your postcard!! Thanks so much. We are definitely keeping up with you on your blog. It's fun to read of your adventures. I hope you continue to cycle safely. We miss you!


Steve said...

I really envy you this wonderful experience. Seeing all those small towns must be interesting. I am wondering how different they would be from those you might encounter in your own home State of Maine if you were bicycling on US Route 1 up to Fort Kent ?? I also envy you your youth! I've been bicycling to Jones Beach a few times a week for exercise. Even though it is just five miles there and back, and a very flat ride (as all Long Island is), I try and imagine what it would be like to cycle fifty miles on very mountainous roads. I would find it rough! You guys are great!