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Thursday, December 6, 2007

Let me say something!

The way I remember it is something like this: we were biking back to my house, I think it was early august, night, on congress street coming around the corner by the fed ex box which marks my street.  Maybe it wasn't exactly there, we've rounded that corner many times, often cutting across the parking lot of the Maine Networks building, and that's where I remember Ray asking me if I wanted to bike across country sometime.  I am sure we talked about this idea before this moment, but never as in do you want to ride bikes across country with me sometime in the tangible future.  

I think my answer was a definite maybe.  For a long time I have wanted to do this in the abstract, but after Ray asked me I started thinking about it more and more.  It became a definite yes, but probably not the next summer.  Then, for some reason, Ray gave me a deadline to let him know when we would be doing this.  I think I had two weeks.  I don't remember how long it took me to decide, but I also remember eating dinner on a very hot summer night and telling him, Yes, lets go cycle across country next summer, if not now, when?  
So, we decided to plan our bike trip for the summer of 2008.  As you can see we have bikes and some bags to carry our stuff in.  There is still more planning and preparing to do, but we a scheduled to leave in late May.  We'll see how the adventure goes....



Anonymous said...

Am tracking you using microsoft flight simulator fsx- lots of fun- recommend others try it- friend of George

Anonymous said...

Would it be possible, and not too difficult to have a map with the roads you have taken highlighted?-friend of George