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Wednesday, February 20, 2008

We'll see...

Three months from tomorrow we will be getting on a plane, bikes in tow (or something like that) and flying to Seattle. A new city, a new state, the beginning of this journey which I still can't really imagine doing, but I can't wait to try. I guess our journey has already started. We have bikes, plane tickets, some bags and gear, maps, a frying pan, water bottles. One of us has bike shoes, one of us has a passport, but eventually we will both be fully prepared, at least as prepared as we can be.

I've never done anything like this before. I've traveled to a few places in the world, but never by moving myself and everything I am taking with me. Ray hiked the AT two years ago, so he's not really into looking at our maps and reading up on where we are going. Obviously we won't be on the Appalachain Trail, he just knows that no matter where you go, there you are. I know that too, but I am excited to investigate where we are going and what we might want to see along the way. We will be riding from Anacortes, Washington back to Maine via the Northern Tier Route. I could possibly say more about that, but right now it is all speculation and pages of maps, ideas, imagination and dreams.

However, I have encountered a lot of people who are eager with questions when I tell them my plans for this summer. So, I here is a little pre-trip interview to which I will refer all my questioners from now on.

Questioner: How long do you plan to take?
Anna: About three months, we have to be back by September

Q: What will your average daily mileage be?
A: 4,295 miles divided by 90 days?

Q:Will you be camping, staying in hotels or what?
A: Mostly camping in our little Hubba Hubba tent.

Q: Are you carrying all of your gear and food and everything?!
A: Yes, we will stop and get food in towns and such along the way, but its just us and our bikes carrying everything.

Q: Have you been training? Shouldn't you be out cycling right this instant?
A: Well, no. The weather is cold and icy, I plan to ride a lot more once it gets a bit better. In the mean time I am working so I can save money for the trip and I go to a spinning class sometimes.

Q:What will you do about danger or broken bikes?
A: I'm going to stop this interview right now because I don't feel like answering any more questions. I know you are going to follow along as we take this trip and send you updates via this blog. So, I'll just say, "You'll see...."

And so will we.

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